Thursday, January 3, 2013

Intermission #1 (With how-to-play instructions)

Grab a bight, get something to drink and help yourself to the little bit sized sandwiches because it is the intermission between The Making Of Cashmere Part One and Two.
This is how intermission works:
I will first google a word.  The word for this week is...
Now what will happen is you will find a synonym for this word and comment it.  Then I or any other user will find a synonym for that word, but not the word I just used, the game will continue on like this.
The next thing I will do in intermission is is find a random sentence.  The random sentence for this week is...
He laughed so hard he almost puked.
Now what you will do with this is try come up with a new sentence using only letters in this one.  The sentence does not need to use all the letters in this sentence.
Now for what you get out of this.  If you comment one of these answers along with a question for me to answer on one of my posts, you will be guaranteed that your question will be the next to be answered (although if there is two or more people doing this it will be first come, first serve.) I will only be checking answers on the latest intermission, so make sure your answering the right one.

Lets look over the sentence and word for this intermission:


He laughed so hard he almost puked.


  1. Start
    How do black and white work? Are they truly the absences of color?